Many seminars and workshops that focus on exporting to the overseas market often emphasize the sale of goods. However, architectural and construction services play a great role in U.S. exports of services to foreign markets, particularly those of developing countries. As a matter of fact, architectural services represented the largest share of professional services offered by foreign affiliates of U.S. firms in 2010 and showed strong export growth in 2011 at 31 percent. Despite its importance as a service export, a number of small and medium-sized business owners have expressed their lack of knowledge about the global market in general and how to get started. Today, Dr. Jackson will speak with one services-based industry, architecture, on how to prepare their firms for the export market.

Her talk titled, “Getting Architecture Firms Export Ready,” is a part of the National Organization of Minority Architects conference held in Los Angeles. The seminar’s main goal is to narrow this gap between the numerous global market opportunities and in-depth, accurate knowledge about accessing these opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

The session will be divided into several sections to satisfy the goal outlined above—1) Defining Exports, 2) Detailing the Export Process, 3) Explaining the Significance of Free Trade Agreements, and 4) Taking the first step(s) in the export process.

As a result of this seminar, participants will be able to do the following:

  1. Discuss architectural service export activities by using the GRIIT Service Trade Policy Briefs (includes case studies);
  2. List the different steps involved with exporting architectural services in the Export Ready Assessment form;
  3. Describe the provisions within free trade agreements that create opportunities for service providers using the Preliminary Global Market Plan worksheet;
  4. Gather data on architectural service exports to a particular market via the use of an international trade database;
  5. Apply at least two (2) basic export steps to one’s own company via the Preliminary Global Market Plan worksheet;
  6. Identify key resources to put plan into action by referring to the Export Resource list; and
  7. Detail export financing options and procedures via the Export Resource


If you are wondering how to get your business and product/service export ready but are unable to attend, check out GRIIT’s handy on-line tools.