Global Research Institute of International Trade (GRIIT) President and CEO Sarita D. Jackson, Ph.D. is participating in the 2016 Annual Convention hosted by the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in Riverside, CA.

The convention has focused on the importance of international trade to Riverside County and the Inland Empire in general. Here are some data on how Riverside benefits from international trade. Additionally, this post provides useful resources for business owners exploring global market opportunities.


20160921_141901Riverside County and International Trade 

  • Ranks as the 23rd top exporting region globally
  • 10% of jobs linked to manufacturing exports
  • 44% of manufactured exports go to Canada
  • Transportation and equipment manufacturing represent the top export industries
  • Export growth has expanded by 11.5%
  • 3 Foreign Trade Zones – #153 South Western Riverside County, #244 Western Riverside County, and #236 Palm Springs 

Local Resources

Riverside County presents opportunities, particularly for manufacturers, seeking to expand to the global market. GRIIT has enjoyed providing training throughout the Inland Empire on how to identify global market opportunities and conduct market research to take advantage of those opportunities.

The convention is taking place from September 21-23rd.


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