Yes. I am excited that the blog, International Trade Examiner, is now on the company website. With the upcoming elections, watch out for our ongoing analysis of free trade policies and what they mean for U.S. business owners, consumers, and the economy overall. In the meantime, I just want to welcome you to the new blog location and bring you up to date regarding what the Global Research Institute of International Trade (GRIIT) has been up to over the last few months. 

Recently, GRIIT conducted training sessions titled, “Global Business Opportunities for Small Business,” in August and September. These sessions were a part of the California Centers for International Trade Development (CITD) Export Trade Assistance Partnership (ETAP). 

Here is how one attendee described GRIIT’s training session:

It’s the eve of my birthday and one of the best gifts I can give myself was committing to this 6-week Certification a program through the Export Technical Assistance Program, ETAP San Bernardino County. ….Today’s course was all about Global Business Opportunities for Small Business – taught by a remarkably brilliant Global Marketing Researcher and Consultant, UCLA Professor and President and CEO of Global Research Institute of International Trade – GRIIT, Sarita Jackson, Ph.D. Wow! I learned so much in such a short time. What an eye opener! I learned so much about Free Trade Agreements, Generalized Systems of Preferences, Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, Classifying A Good, International Market Research and so much more!

GRIIT’s services have been called upon for projects for the remainder of 2016. GRIIT looks forward to hosting a seminar on how architectural firms can develop their global market capacity, holding a book talk and signing, and presenting research on U.S.-Caribbean agricultural trade at the University of Havana (Cuba) in the coming months. 

Thanks, again, for your support of our efforts to educate and engage in the area of international trade. All International Trade Examiner subscribers have been added to the new e-mail list. Beginning with the next post, you will receive all blog posts, as well as resources and event news, directly from GRIIT.